Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kenneth Sebastian and I am an academic in training. I’m using this website as a platform for sharing my research, writing, and personal interests with the few people out there who might take interest. On this page you will find a variety of essays that are anchored in criminological or sociological issues, as well as photos and blogs of my life in DC/FL/elsewhere. Rather than complain about graduate school, I hope this website celebrates the experience in some way. I intend to update this page with some kind of regularity, so please visit again!

Times Square for NYE: Crossed off the list

I’ve never had the desire to stand in Times Square to watch the ball drop. I think most people who have done it will say something along the lines of “it was special but I wouldn’t do it again.” To celebrate the start of 2015, we indeed spent the night at Times Square, but at an indoor party.

NYC is awe-inspiring. NYC is also ridiculously busy and crowded during that time of year. They say that you’re an extrovert if you gain energy from busy and bustling crowds, and an introvert if such crowds drain you. Despite the massive crowds and long lines, we were able to see quite a bit in only 48 hours.

Touristy accomplishments include: having drinks at the bar located at the top of the Rockefeller Center, visiting MoMA, the 9/11 Memorial, and synchronized dancing with a random church group at Central Park. If I can get videos to work on here, I’ll upload it here :)